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He played night-club owner Michael Dobson in two Law & Order episodes, first in the episode "Coma" and then later in "Encore".Miller appeared as himself in a third episode, "Smoke".

In the past few days, the singer posted a few photos to Instagram of the two in the studio, but by their cuddled up stance, it looks like they may have more than just musical chemistry.Breezy is seen sporting a big smile while placing his face beside Agnez's and wrapping his arm around her waist; she keeps her hand on his leg for the cozy picture.Named for the trick sometimes used by a mother gazelle (as well as certain birds and deer) of pretending to be injured in order to lure a predator away from her young.Once a safe distance is reached, the pretense can be dropped, and the mother can bound away, leaving the hapless predator in the dust. When humans use this trick, though, their motives are often not-so-noble.She has been working in the entertainment and music industry since she was 6 years old, having started off her career by recording children's albums.

She recently released her debut international album, , in 2014.

Ever since his infamous breakup with ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown has kept things quieter in the public eye when it comes to his love life.

That might be changing, however, as the 28-year-old Virginia native sparks rumors that he may be dating 31-year-old Indonesian pop star Agnez Mo.

He played Edwin Poole in the ABC dramedy Boston Legal.

He is close friends with Jerry Seinfeld and auditioned for the part of George Costanza.

Two of the columns he wrote in 2002 served as the text for frequently-forwarded emails at the time, though in both cases his words were attributed to others.