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The paper would be about one cent per sheet, which means you'll be spending about a thousand dollars a day.

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all articles, I came up with an estimate of 300 cubic meters for a printout of the whole thing..

0,000 per month Six printers isn't that many, but they'd be running all the time. The electricity to run them would be cheap—a few dollars a day.

One page per edit seems like a reasonable middle ground.

For a mix of photos, tables, and text typical of Wikipedia, a good inkjet printer might put out 15 pages per minute.

This page contains specific directions on how to update diaspora*, if any special steps are necessary.

If there are no special steps necessary, you can stick to the general guide in the section Updating a production install to a new minor version.Since there are a couple of major changes in upgrading to 0.7 which involve manual action, we provide a step by step guide.Please ensure to update to diaspora* 0.6 prior these steps. Have a look at the changelog for the full list of changes.If you're using RVM or another Ruby version manager, and switched to another Ruby version during the update, you can drop the old Ruby version.It has gotten so bad for Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema that his Wikipedia page is starting to troll him.If you run into any troubles, seek help via the usual channels. If you made local modifications to files tracked in git, it might refuse the update or place conflict markers into the files which need to be resolved.