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My 2007 trip to OEF is still the most functionally drunk I have ever been in my life.There I drank to the point of physical hallucination, spent a portion of the evening talking to a tree thinking it was my manager, and saved my guitarist from drowning in a one inch deep puddle of mud. and the moment I step off the tour bus I am handed a large bottle of Slivovice and forced to drink, a ritual that I have come to expect from OEF.

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We love to play the fest and fell the incredible energy of this particular crowd as a present. Would never go to anywhere else instead of being here!

Don´t give a shit about other mainstream oriented festivals. Well this will be the 4th time i play OEF since I played there with LOCK UP & BRUJERIA as well as NAPALM (Shane forgot awesome show wioth VENOMOUS CONCEPT in 2009!

) a couple of years ago and I am really looking forward to it!!!

Great atmosphere and killer bands that play from the heart and that’s what counts! Well It seems to be doing fins as it is and from the people I speak to around the world on my travels and the word of mouth is that this is the premier grind festival to be at so I wouldn’t change a thing ! What can be said about this festival of madness in the woods of Trutnov?

The 1st time RDP was invited to played the fest i got so anxious that i was thinking about a proper setlist to play there 6 months before it happens as i think that Obscene Extreme is the most radical fest on earth!!!

The happiness of being in the same moon and place with thousands of crazy freaks who loves extreme music is a speechless honor to Ratos de Porao.Of course that you can bring your tents and be non-stop in Festival area.Search for actual info (sorry for being this site just in Czech language, but you can find there some useful links for hotels, pensions) : click here ...The show for MUCOPUS was amazing, drunken, hilarity that culminated in an epic dive off the 15 foot tall speakers into the audience while still singing. After 15 hours of constant drinking we go onstage at 1 a.m.for what was possibly my drunkest, sloppiest, most fun show I’ve ever played, ALSO culminating in an epic dive off the 15 foot tall speakers into the audience while still singing. The crowd and all the friends I meet every year makes this my favourite festival.Hopefully years from now it will be very similar to what it is now and not turn into a corporate shit show like so many festivals have these days. OEF is the most crazy music festival that I’ve seen in life no doubt! We thought the whole night would be called off, so we were hitting it pretty hard, but an hour and a half later the storm had passed the festival by and we were hammered onstage in front of a full house of insane maniacs, all having the time of our lives. Myself and the rest of the Exhumed crew are chomping at the bit to make some more memories this year at OEF and at the after-party, so get ready for blood, guts, and bullet-belts when he hit the stage. Haemorrhage will be happy to spend the time with all the Grindcore maniacs in the world center of NOISE. July 2001 at Obscene Extreme, Trutnov..Czech government commanded to paralyze all Open Air fests held in the country immediatelly.