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Ms Doyle said a campaign in the run-up to the departure of Tuesday's flight had helped highlight charter deportations, but she hoped increased attention on immigration policy would now help end them entirely.

Many people do not know if they will be onboard the plane, where deportees are routinely handcuffed and outnumbered two-to-one by security staff, until the last minute.

Immigrants, including asylum seekers, are also often deported from the UK on commercial flights, but their tickets are sometimes cancelled by the airline, particularly if the pilot, other passengers, or air stewards see or become aware of the detainee distressed and resisting removal and object to their presence on board.

If they answered in the negative, they could well have been economical with the truth.)But where will it all end?

We have become judge and the jury in this orgy of excoriation meted out to those who speak out of turn or offend our sensibilities.

In 2010, Jimmy Mubenga died during deportation to Angola, after being restrained by guards on a British Airways flight.

Campaigners say charter flights are designed to hide violent and brutal removals from the public.

Ms Doyle told : “Oyekunle is just one example of how brutal, arbitrary and unjust these charter flights are.

Were it not for the social media outrage we would not have found a barrister prepared to act at the last minute on promise of payment.

The British Government deported up to 100 people to Nigeria and Ghana last night, including at least one bisexual man who activists say will be persecuted in his home country. "I spoke to a bisexual man yesterday who had a ticket for the charter flight," an activist from the blog told .

A gay man was also removed from the flight at the last minute, after a barrister filed an injunction arguing deporting him would be illegal. "I haven't been able to get in touch with him today so I presume he was on the flight.

Oyekunle could never have done that by himself as someone with little English and no family support.