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Meanwhile, today is the deadline IIRC for the President to either stay in or pull out of the ghastly Iran nuke deal sell-out.The usual gang of momzers and miscreants is lobbying hard to stay in and give the Farsi's the bomb. Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. with an on-file active “profile” of Senators and Congressmen including their voting statistics and their chief opponents.

Michael Ledeen calls for regime change via a full court press on sanctions, and the investigation into Obama's aiding and abetting of Hezbollah by quashing an investigation into their drug running and human slavery operations here kicks off.

From hither and yon, Nancy Palsi shoots her clueless mouth off trying to defend her opposition to Americans keeping more of their money, PDT wants able Medicaid recipients to actually kick in with some work to get their benefits, and Ohio rep jim Renacci is pulling out of his bid for the governorship to take Josh Mandel's place as the challenger for the hideous Sherrod Brown's senate seat.

I have several other projects on my plate and I’m not getting any younger…

Being a part of the effort to promote the idea of a space elevator over the past nine years has been fun and interesting and full of highlights with my being a part of the Space Elevator Games topping the list.

Therefore, building in them in no way precludes the possibility of a two-state solution.” Here & Here.

Let Netanyahu and his shills on Capitol Hill tell that to the thousands of Palestinians whose homes were stolen and then demolished by Jewish bulldozers and US dollars.

Lastly, a fascinating piece about the roots of the Marxist cancer now at our throats.

Today marks nine full years that I’ve been hosting and authoring the Space Elevator Blog and I’m going to call it quits, at least for the time being.

It is now commonly held knowledge in the Jew-controlled halls of Washington that if a politician ever speaks out for the rights of the Palestinians or even hints at Israel’s genocidal policies, this would mean the end of that lawmaker’s career.

Such a lawmaker would be shunned by his colleagues, making any legislation he proposes, particularly for his own state, almost impossible to get passed.

Next, and I cannot put too fine a point on this: For those people who, unlike the decent people who follow the rules, respect our laws and come here legally in search of a better life and to embrace the American ideal, might I make the suggestion, instead of demanding the right to be here and for we the citizenry to support you while you essentially reject our values, refuse to assimilate, trash our country and support a political party that will use you to gain permanent political power, stay home and dedicate your lives to fundamentally transforming your own country from its well-deserved and documented shithole status into something resembling a stable, law-abiding society. He has also accused disgraceful FBI agent Peter Strzok of "treason." While that may be a stretch from a legal standpoint, it is clear that Strzok has acted with criminal intent to undermine and for all intents and purposes overthrow a legitimately elected President.