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A movie is a great opportunity to combine elements and make complete artwork.

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It wasn’t near a train, so anytime people got there, they’d have to stay and hang out.

I was offering people, over the summer, the opportunity to step into a real-life cartoon for a while and act in it.

Actors and musicians like to hang out with each other—they always have, so I saw as a movie where they could be in scenes together.

For example, a scene could be Zoë Kravitz acting with Har Mar Superstar and Bip Ling.

the remake, from the former Moldy Peaches member, is staged entirely within a campy paper-mache set, handmade by Green, with an eclectic cast that ranges from film vets, like his BFF Macaulay Culkin, Natasha Lyonne, and Alia Shawkat, to musicians, like MGMT’s Andrew Van Wyngarden and Har Mar Superstar.

The 82-minute film, which opens April 7 at The Hole, narrates a world where Aladdin is a burnt-out musician (haphazardly spending 30,000 “space bucks” on cocaine) who happens upon a magic 3-D printing lamp in the wreckage of an alien spacecraft.Everyone in is wearing bell bottoms throughout the whole movie, so I wanted to make my album sound like bell bottoms.“Never Lift a Finger” is about Aladdin and the Princess’ dysfunctional relationship.I’ve been doing paper-mache sculptures for years in art shows, and my wife Yasmin Green, who produced the movie, was like, “You should make the whole movie look like your drawings.” Paper-mache is this really inaccurate medium in the sense that it dries in crazy, unpredictable ways—warped and expressive.That’s how the line style I draw in looks, anyways, so when I was painting black lines on paper-mache sculptures, they looked like my drawings.I had a ton of help—a lot of volunteers from New York: people that had worked on indie films, people that had been to art school, and people that came to help from the Internet.