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She documented the process in a book, co-authored by Toronto-based writer Melissa Hughes, titled "It sounded like a crazy idea and it started as a joke.

My girlfriends [and I] were talking about online dating and saying how much time it takes, how people drop off and don't respond and how frustrating it is," she said.

Sexual innuendos, jokes or inappropriate physical contact can also be considered harassment.

It learns what kinds of pictures you like and then swipes for you and then initiates conversations," she said. We might see more exciting results." Lyadova came clean to her dates about how she matched with them. She went on nearly 30 first dates and many subsequent dates.

Office management “Dealing With Personal Relationships at Work: Dating at Work” In the ever-busy world of entrepreneurial business, we are always at work or thinking about work.

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, she now calls Toronto home and writes about everything from transit and city hall to baby animal births at the zoo Navigating the online dating world is no easy task.

After weeks of swiping and chatting with unknown men, Katerina Lyadova, 30, realized she was wasting a lot of time and getting no results.

Working at the company, there are two married couples and others who are dating, Olson said.

So far, the relationships have not had a negative impact on the working environment.

Evaluate the structure of your business, and identify areas of higher risks, in the event of a romantic relationship. Examples may be found on the Internet, from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, in HR books, or you may even want to request copies of policies from other companies with whom you have contact.

An accountant who pays the expense and travel reports of the staff member he or she is dating could prompt concerns of impropriety. Be sure your harassment policy includes a course of action for people who feel threatened or harassed on a personal level at work.

It's a lot of chit chat," she said on CBC's on Wednesday.

"A lot of conversations aren't meaningful and don't give you a representation of who the person is." Lyadova admits outsourcing her dating life isn't exactly normal, but she was interested in the experience as a social experiment and to see if it would actually lead to some success in her dating life.

The company should also have a policy regarding sexual harassment.