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Just about every Luo also has a pet name used among close friends.Stories, legends, riddles, and proverbs are an important part of Luo culture.In addition, radio, television, and newspaper materials are available in these two languages.

The provincial capital of Kisumu is the third-largest city in Kenya and is a major cultural center for the Luo.The Luo, like other Kenyans, are typically conversant in at least three languages.Secretly, his parents went to watch him swim and discovered that he was in fact normal.They destroyed his skin and thereafter, the boy became accepted and loved by all in his community.They are traditionally recited in the siwindhe, which is the home of a (widowed) grandmother.

Luo boys and girls gather there in the evenings to be taught the traditions of their culture.

The two national languages of Kenya are English and Ki Swahili.

English, derived from the British colonial era before Kenya's independence in 1963, is the official language of government, international business, university instruction, banks, and commerce.

According to the last national population census conducted in 1989, the Luo number over 3 million people, or about 13 percent of Kenya's total population.

Along with the Luhya, the Luo are the second largest ethnic group in the country, behind the Gikuyu. Most Luo maintain strong economic, cultural, and social links to western Kenya, which they consider home.

, the Luo migrated into the area they now occupy in Kenya.