Cheryl tweedy dating derek hough

She’s been in town for the past ten days and now there are whispers that she’s planning on splitting her time between London and La La, once X- Factor has finished filming.And one big reason she’s keen to stick around is dancer Derek Hough, who has been a near-constant presence in the singer’s life recently.

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First it was over Christmas and now, after a month of preparing his new LA pad just for Chezza, the sexy singer has changed her mind and will now rent her own luxury apartment, having her mum stay with her for the first few weeks. If she plays her cards right in Hollywood by the end of this year we’d most likely be saying, Cheryl Cole has decided to swap Hollywood for Geordieland, well for the festive period only that is…

I don’t think Cheryl is in any danger whatsoever of being solely known as Dezza’s girlfriend…

Derek is totally in love with the girl and wants to spend as much time as he can with her.’ Well, excuse me if I’m a little cynical, but I’ve said before than I think Dezza and Chezza are more showmance than romance, and it’s a stunt to raise her profile in the US.

The problem is, Derek’s not a big enough star to do it!

You got all next year to be with Chezza in America, let the poor girl rest at home for a few days and stop being a bitch about it!

I’m sure you’ll get a festive text dancer, Derek Hough, who was spotted showing off his gorge’ torso yesterday afternoon as he left a rehearsal studio in LA.

A source told the Cherly Cole has been hospitalised with malaria, her spokesman confirmed.

This past weekend, the singer allegedly fainted during a photoshoot for her upcoming second solo album and was diagnosed with exhaustion.

Hopefully, Cheryl will take Si’s advice and return fully recovered from the “M Factor.” Get well soon Chezza!

Apparently, Derek Hough is still dating Cheryl Cole and the pair jetted off to Tanzania on Tuesday for a ‘romantic’ break.

The dancing Delboy reportedly surprised Cheryl with the trip after she told him that she fell in love with Africa after climbing Mount Kilimanjaro last year and as you can see from these pics, they look really loved up…or not!